John Ranieri

Former GM of DuPont Bio Based Materials

John P. Ranieri, Ph.D. is CEO/managing partner of MarketBridge Asset Management LLC and a director of the Global Innovation and Growth Initiative at the Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He was previously vice president for DuPont Industrial Biosciences, responsible for the development of a broad portfolio of businesses across a wide range of industries that include renewably sourced materials, chemicals, fuels and enzyme solutions. He oversaw M&A and the business unit’s joint ventures including DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products Company, LLC, Butamax™ Advanced Biofuels, LLC and Actamax Biomedical businesses.
Dr. Ranieri joined DuPont in 2002 as vice president & general manager for DuPont Bio-Based Materials. During his leadership, the business grew to include a full range of renewably sourced product offerings, including the Sorona® biobased polymer and creation of the DuPont Biofuels business. In March 2006 he was named vice president and general manager for DuPont Applied BioSciences, building the BioFuels and Specialties businesses. He was named vice president and general manager of DuPont Biomaterials Group in October 2008, leading its rapid and sustainable growth for a broad portfolio of renewably sourced products and technologies.
Prior to joining DuPont, he was vice president/managing director of the cardiovascular and biomaterials divisions at Aortech International, vice president of Sulzer Biologics and corporate director responsible for the startup, design and management of the therapeutics portfolio for Sulzer Innotec. He received a master’s degree in materials engineering as a Miccoli fellow and a Ph.D. in medical science, both from Brown University, and was an assistant doctorant at the division of surgical research and gene therapy at Lausanne University Medical School. He also completed the advanced management program at the Wharton Business School and was a visiting fellow within entrepreneurial studies. Dr. Ranieri speaks often at numerous industry conferences and to industry media.

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