Alexander Schade

Data Analyst

Based in Zürich, Alexander is driven by a passion for innovation and growth. With a foundation in finance and data analytics, he combines strategic insight with technical expertise, offering a distinctive skill set to the team. His main responsibilities include overseeing portfolio management and spearheading impactful data analytical projects within the organization.

Before joining the team, he contributed to transformative projects at PwC’s Deals team, focusing on financial due diligence and corporate finance with large private equity clients across Europe. Before that, he was at a hybrid VC and Advisory firm where he immersed himself in the FinTech space, developing skills in project management, industry research, and business analysis. Nowadays, Alexander leverages data analytics to uncover actionable insights, driving investment decisions with an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to shaping the success stories of tomorrow.

Alexander is a CFA Charterholder, holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Lancaster University Management School and finished his education at the University of St. Gallen. Having lived across various countries in Western Europe and South America, he is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish. 


Zurich, Switzerland


French, English, German, Spanish

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