Access to world-class technology that drives sustainability

Align venturing activities with strategy

Tackle the greatest industrial innovation challenges of our time

Outstanding deal-flow & platform to engage with startups


For institutional investors



Take action to address climate change


Sustainable alternatives to business as usual are proliferating in nearly every sector, from food to chemicals to automobiles. Nearly all of them have brighter growth prospects than their traditional counterparts. This makes green investing both a moral imperative and a good strategic move. 

Emerald works across all sectors identified by the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero as key investment opportunities for Europe, including wind, green hydrogen and EV charging. Our 20+ years of funding planet-friendly breakthroughs have given us expertise in not just the macro-level arguments for sustainability, but in the technological innovation needed to move the needle. Our advisory council, drawn from our connections in large corporations, helps drive our success in these complex and rapidly-changing fields. ​

Headquartered in Europe but with global investments and network, Emerald is at the heart of innovations to tackle climate change:

  • Green New Deal: Europe will be the first continent to be carbon neutral by 2050
  • Tech innovation: Europe is a global tech player, with the strongest-ever startup pipeline, now on par with the US
  • R&D: €95.5 billion (2021-2027) for EU’s key funding program (Horizon Europe) for research and innovation

Sustainable technology since 2000


Established in 2000, Emerald brings a long track record of success that is rare in sustainable venture investing.

This success is based on what we offer: know-how, strategic direction and market insights—not just capitalto promising startups. We are bold yet selective, with a multidisciplinary team working on each opportunity and supporting each portfolio company, allowing for intense interaction with entrepreneurs. This puts us on the ground floor of innovation—deeper than anyone else we know. 

Advantages for institutional investors


​Our time-tested LP-centric approach toward industrial innovation and sustainability is for clients at the cusp of significant transformation, looking for a partner who can help them do well by doing good.

Given our longstanding relationships with large corporate investors, this is advantageous to all investors in our funds as these companies are keen to drive new technologies even further. They help entrepreneurs hone their ideas to become the most viable technologies in industry today and often become customers. This accelerates the commercialization of these solutions and supports these companies in their commitment to net zero.

Tackle the greatest industrial innovation challenges of our time
Align corporate venturing activities with business strategy
Access to world-class technology that drives sustainability
Outstanding deal-flow & collaboration with start-ups