Emerald Sprints

Work with the most relevant startups ​in a tailored program for industrial innovation

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Get access to deep sector expertise in cleantech, over 20 years of experience with corporates looking for innovation, and professionally assessed high-quality deal flow.

  • Gain access to emerging technologies and advanced technical skills within start-ups
  • Determine quickly whether a start-up’s technology is scalable through proof of concepts and pilots
  • Increase the frequency and lower the cost of securing meaningful open innovation business outcomes
  • Deepen the internal conversations leading to deeper business unit engagement

How Sprints work


Discovery Phase

We start with a business challenge capture from the corporate/business unit.Emerald then introduces pre-selected start-ups for initial matchmaking.

Proposal Phase

The corporate participant engages with the matched start-ups. Then, we develop pilot concepts & discuss proposals from the start-ups in the best position to address the business challenge.

For open innovation to succeed, we need to improve the chances for initial engagement to lead to deeper relationships and commercial outcomes.​

Charles Vaslet, ​Senior Partner, Head of Open Innovation, Emerald​