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Get access to deep sector expertise in cleantech, over 20 years of experience with corporates looking for innovation, and professionally assessed high-quality deal flow targeting your specific development needs.


  • Gain access to emerging technologies and advanced technical skills within start-ups
  • Determine quickly whether a start-up’s technology is scalable through proof of concepts and pilots
  • Increase the frequency and lower the cost of securing meaningful open innovation business outcomes​
  • Deepen the internal conversations leading to deeper business unit engagement


Sprints for Emerald Partners

Joining Emerald gives you access to the group Sprints with peer industrials exploring the most pressing strategic topics.

Recent Sprint topics

Direct Air and Ocean Carbon Capture
Demanding Industrial CCUS Applications
Electrification of Industrial Heat
Barriers and inks for Packaging
Paper Packaging innovations
EV Charging

Sprints tailored for your priority topics

If you are looking for an efficient way to reach your open innovation goals and wish to run a Sprint for your individual business development needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

Since the launch, we have brought together over 40 corporations with 120+ shortlisted startups leading to more than 100 intro and deep dive meetings and several pilots and collaboration projects. 


Here are some of our latest collaborations

An energy OEM developing a pilot proposal to combine drone and satellite survey data for pinpoint emission quantification for client installations
A chemical company developing a pilot to streamline all sustainability (Scope 1 - 3) reporting activities under a common tool & reporting framework.
An energy company exploring the advantages of Anion Exchange Membrane for onsite H2 electrolysis.
An energy & a chemical company exploring the high efficiency of direct electric stream generation using renewable sources.
A chemical company exploring the transformation of captured CO2 into food & feed alternative protein ingredients where storage alternatives are not available.
A chemical company investing in a developer of a catalytic technology designed to offer manufacturing polymers from waste carbon dioxide.

For open innovation to succeed, we need to improve the chances for initial engagement to lead to deeper relationships and commercial outcomes

Charles Vaslet, Senior Partner, Emerald