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The deal management platform for our limited partners, which provides a window to our deal flow and investment evaluations.


Emerald investors have access to innspire


This is Emerald’s proprietary and customizable deal management platform for our limited partners. It provides a window to our entire deal flow and all our investment evaluations. It is divided into seven sections, updated daily to reflect our latest activity.

Portfolio company news
Get the latest updates about the startups in our portfolio.
Deal database
Covering 10 years and over 16,000 company evaluations, this database can searched according to desired criteria.
Deal management
Emerald analysts and LPs can use this tool to prioritize their potential portfolio companies and plan possible investment activity.
This is a directory of our actual investments, including those still in the due diligence phase.
KPI dashboard
LPs can track the outcomes of their investment in our fund(s) against their key performance indicators.
Events & Studies
A collection of research and conferences across our sectors of interest, including proprietary studies released during our biannual investor forums.
Provides comprehensive financial data about our funds.
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