Roelof Westerbeek

Vice President New Materials, Highsun Holding Group Co. Ltd

Roelof is an independent senior advisor in the fields of Strategy, Innovation and Circular Development with a focus on Materials/Plastics and Packaging. He councils multiple large and small organizations to advance their Sustainability and Circularity roadmaps, and is mentoring start-ups on Business Strategy. His activities include those that are focused on helping solve the dramatic pollution by plastics of our main waterways and oceans.

Roelof has 30 years of experience in Plastics and Packaging. He was CEO of DSM Engineering Plastics, leading for several years a global bn€ business. As Business Group Director at Amcor he managed a bn€ Flexible Plastics Packaging business in Asia Pacific with manufacturing in 8 countries.

He is a strong believer on the responsibility and opportunities that businesses and business leaders have to address the large global challenges that we face in climate change and making our economy carbon neutral and fully circular. He is passionate about the convergence of Business and Circularity; Doing Good by doing Well.

While he managed large P/Ls for most of his career, he has a strong background in Technology, and having led for many years the global Materials Science Research group at DSM with over 400 PhDs.

Roelof has worked and lived in Asia Pacific for 20 years. He holds a master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Delft University in the Netherlands. He is married to Susanne and they have three kids, who have lived most of their life in China and Singapore.

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