Valerio Nannini

Former Senior VP, Head of Strategies and Performance at Nestlé

Former Senior Vice-President, head of Strategies and Performance at Nestlé global HQ, Valerio is a leading innovation enabler who offers his expertise to a broad spectrum of start-ups, international organisations and consulting companies as they expand their businesses and offerings.

Valerio has an exhaustive understanding of disruptive technologies, digital environments, and their commercial applications. A respected driver of innovation, he has a track record of engaging with academia, accelerators, VCs and start-ups, as well as with major strategic partnerships and alliances, to accelerate growth. His vast network, his drive to maximise corporate efficiency, his passion for innovation and for nurturing cross-functional corporate culture have allowed Valerio to deliver a number of business-relevant and innovative concepts, whilst leading change management.

Valerio’s international business expertise extends across Europe, Asia, Africa, the US and Latin America. He has an MBA from the University of Wales and is the recipient of the Certificate in Lifelong Executive Learning from IMD Business School in Lausanne. Valerio holds British, Swiss and Italian citizenship.

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