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Our Core Competencies


The face of the healthcare market is changing rapidly and we are looking for technologies that are looking to disrupt the current marketplace and offer new services for the entire ecosystem.


We believe that a lack of proper education is the underlying cause of many of the world's social problems. We want to start at the root and provide better opportunities for children around the world.

Smart Cities

Whether is clean technology, energy, social policy or transportation, we're looking for companies that are making our cities more efficient and sustainable for the long-term - help us share this vision.

Emerging Industries

We have seen dramatic changes in just a few years in the technology space. With the emergence of the peer-to-peer marketplaces, social networking and big data, we're interested in industry-changing companies.

Our Philosophy


We're founders also. We understand what it takes to startup a business: bootstrap it, hack out a product, raise some seed capital, hack at it some more just to raise more capital. You find yourself in an endless circle of building and raising and finding the right people early on is tough.

That's where we come in. We invest traditional capital and human capital into all of our portfolio companies - creating a real partnership between us and incubating our companies in our offices. From day one, you'll have the resources you need to do what you need to - execute.

We have seen companies that have spent their time recruiting and fundraising rather than building their companies and we don't want you to do the same. Our mission is to help you succeed and we aim to do that through providing an enormous amount of resources. If you're building a company in our interest areas, get in contact with us today and let's talk about building the next big thing.

The Emerald City Family

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We Are Passionate About Startups

My biggest fear was that we would win. Then what?

It was the first ever Maker Edition of Startup Weekend in Seattle and the competition was fierce. My team was up against hardware veteran Marc Barros, Founder of Contour Cameras and Kyle Kesterson CEO of Freak’n Genius, who blew my mind at my first ever Startup Weekend event 2 years prior. The entire [...]

- Lauren Sauser.

If you are wondering what the future holds for humanity, look no further than the surprising and innovative world of startups. Companies like these are leading the way toward the newest, most creative solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow. From faux-meat to crowd-sourced healthcare, startups are on the forefront of human ingenuity. Keep a close eye on these 10 companies fresh on the scene [...]

- JT Ripton.


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