Dance of the Elephants and Mice

Working with start-ups is a smart move for large corporations. They not only bring solutions to problems, but also help to progress change strategies that are essential for a company’s long-term success.

🐘 But it’s not easy. With the opportunities that such collaborations offer, come many challenges. It’s like a dance of elephants and mice, according to our advisory council member Barbara Burger.

🐭 This is why it is important to consider these key questions during your Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) journey. Both so that your company makes important progress, but also so that the start-up is positioned for success.

❓ Key questions:
1. Why do you want a CVC team?
2. Does the C-Suite know WHY the CVC team exists?
3. Do you have a toolkit for collaboration: both internally & with the start-up?

Want help?
👉 Reach out to Markus Moor if you want to know about CVC-as-a-service.
👉 Contact Charles Vaslet if you would like to be involved in a trial (sprint) with start-ups to see how it works.