Emerald portfolio company, enspired, secures €25.5 million in Series B funding to future-proof energy systems worldwide

Vienna, Austria: Led by Zouk with Emerald participating, enspired’s Series B funding round has raised a total of €25.5 million. With this funding round, enspired will continue to tackle pressing climate challenges with grid-transforming power asset optimization. Facilitating the large-scale integration of renewable energy sources, enspired’s trading infrastructure is on track to circulate 50GW of flexibility by 2035. A primary focus is the expansion of the battery storage marketing network across relevant power markets worldwide. This will foster a sustainable electricity supply system for the future.

enspired Co-Founders Jürgen Mayerhofer and Wolfgang Eichberger

Oversubscribed funding round

After an oversubscribed funding round, enspired has welcomed Zouk, Push Ventures, Banpu NEXT, and Presidio Ventures on board as co-investors alongside trusted existing partners Emerald Technology Ventures, Helen Ventures, 360ventures GmbH, and EnBW Ventures.

“enspired is a pioneer and clearly the leading provider of “trading-as-a-service” to the European electricity industry,” says Hans Dellenbach, Emerald CFO and enspired Advisory Board member. “This round will help consolidate this position and accelerate growth around the globe. Credit goes to Jürgen Mayerhofer (Founder/CEO) and the team for having attracted such a high level of interest from industry stakeholders and investors.”

enspired CEO and co-founder Jürgen Mayerhofer emphasizes, “We are grateful to be in a position that allows us to choose investors whose ambitions and values align with our own. As we go global with our asset-centric trading service, we will make flexibility so profitable that investments will be directed away from fossil fuels into clean energy. In the last year alone, we enabled over one million tons of emission savings, and this is only the beginning.”

enspired – Global Growth

Europe remains a core market for enspired, with global aspirations targeting East Asia and the United States. Adaptability to new markets and use cases is a standout feature of enspired’s trading offer. And hiring more experts and ultimately winning more customers will be integral to the upcoming growth phase. As industry professionals know, scaling up into global territory means staying ahead of a rapidly changing curve, not only with new revenue streams but also with technology.

“enspired shapes the energy industry in a way that echoes how large language models changed the entire world of information management and processing,” commented enspired CTO and co-founder Wolfgang Eichberger. “A substantial share of the invested money will go into fortifying our technology as the top-tier battery optimization engine for years to come. Reinforcement learning is ahead of all other artificial intelligence methods for solving complex practical applications and has been outperforming human reasoning in every aspect since 2017. We are continuously tailoring our proprietary technology stack to such applications to ensure superior performance.”

“As the fastest-growing battery optimizer in Europe, we are prepared to profitably market power assets worldwide. With the support of our partners, we are well on our way to becoming a dominant global force in this field,” adds Jürgen Mayerhofer. “The best time to adapt to the market is before it changes.”

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The growing share of renewables in the electricity mix calls for an increase in flexibility and an expansion of battery energy storage systems to balance out the associated grid fluctuations. enspired is a pioneer for the simultaneous commercial optimization of batteries and other power assets across the wholesale, control reserve, and ancillary service markets. The company’s fully automated in-house trading platform is the fastest on the European short-term power market, enabling customers to monetize the full potential of their flexibility with minimum time-to-market.


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