EnOcean partners with leading technology corporations

Emerald Portfolio Company EnOcean increases its footprint with several technology corporations. The company is a pioneer in self-powered wireless sensors for facility, space, energy and environmental monitoring. Its products deliver valuable data for the Internet-of-Things with its resource-saving technology. EnOcean maintenance free wireless switches and sensors gain their energy from the surrounding – from movement, light or temperature.

Enocean recently announced new solutions that are fully integrated with Cisco’s DNA Spaces platform. In developing this solution with Cisco DNA Spaces, the industry’s leading location services platform, EnOcean will help customers scale indoor IoT solutions within Smart Spaces. Read more here.

Siemens IoT subsidiary Enlighted Inc. has expanded its connected lighting and IoT hardware offering with EnOcean room controls. The Enlighted Building IoT Platform has deployed more than 410 million square feet of building space for commercial and healthcare organizations. The company is part Siemens Industry which resides under Siemens Smart Infrastructure. Read more here.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Aruba has announced new Edge and IoT monitoring solutions that use Aruba Wi-Fi access points (AP’s) and 800/900MHz EnOcean radios. These insert into the AP’s, and compatible IoT devices from Aruba Technology Partners. The new solutions monitor room and space occupancy, air quality, cleaning/disinfection requirements, lighting, energy, and space efficiency of hotels rooms, communal areas like washrooms, kitchens, and meeting areas, restrooms and buildings. Read more here.