Tech you should know about: Rapid water monitoring

Helge Daebel, Partner, wants you to meet bNovate Technologies SA – the Swiss company that has revolutionized rapid microbial detection in water with a compact mobile laboratory in a box.

It was just featured in Global Water Intelligence (GWI), which goes even more in depth. Here is an excerpt:

“Once you have real-time feedback on the amount of bacteria in your water, you can start to optimize your chlorine dosing and reduce your energy consumption, while generating more trust from the public in tap water,” says Simon Kuenzi, CEO of bNovate.

Apart from the ability to identify pathogen spikes much more rapidly than before, clients’ return on investment can also be enhanced by the lower chemical and energy use that comes from process optimization, and by lower water consumption through optimization of rinsing cycles for companies in the food & beverage sector.

bNovate’s unique chemistry renders all live bacteria cells fluorescent, enabling them to be quantified using a laser, in contrast to most competing rapid detection techniques, which use other techniques to estimate the bacteria count.

It has installed hundreds of systems at utility clients including Severn TrentVitensScottish Water and Sydvatten AB, bottling companies such as Nestlé Waters, and in research laboratories at universities.

Read more from Ian Elkins in the Global Water Intelligence (GWI) article: