Emerald Sprints

Track Record

Cases from Emerald Sprints

An energy OEM developing a pilot proposal to combine drone and satellite survey data for pinpoint emission quantification for client installations. ​

An engineering company developing a pilot for emission modelling during client engagement to facilitate facility design decisions.

A chemical company developing a pilot to streamline all sustainability (Scope 1 - 3) reporting activities under a common tool & reporting framework. 

An energy company exploring the advantages of Anion Exchange Membrane for onsite H2 electrolysis.

An energy & a chemical company exploring the high efficiency of direct electric stream generation using renewable sources.

Another chemical company investing in the developer of the same high efficiency of direct electric stream generation.

A chemical company exploring the transformation of captured CO2 into food & feed alternative protein ingredients where storage alternatives are not available.

A chemical company investing in a developer of a catalytic technology designed to offer manufacturing polymers from waste carbon dioxide.

An engineering company proposing to use a provider of an energy storage system based on a vanadium redox flow technology to store large energy capacities in emerging markets.