Indra is pioneering decentralized water & wastewater treatment for industrial, commercial and domestic customers while driving them away from harmful chemicals towards an eco-friendly electrically driven future.

Indra’s end users include giants like Unilever, Aditya Birla Group, IHCL and other business establishments. Its solutions are helping customers and partners to meet increasing water demands, overcome scarcity challenges, enhance environmental stewardship and comply with regulatory requirements.

Indra’s patented electro-chemical technology has treated over a billion litres of wastewater for reuse thereby offsetting freshwater demand and mitigating water pollution while achieving 35% cost savings, 70% reduction in sludge generation, 90% reduction in human intervention, 90% savings in footprint and up to 99% water recovery. Their novel broad-spectrum pollution removal technology handles a wide range of pollutants like suspended/dissolved pollutants, heavy metals, emulsified oils, fats, oxygen demanding substances (COD & BOD), nutrients (nitrogenous compounds, phosphorous etc.), pathogens, fluorides, bromides and silica among others. It also handles shock loads well unlike conventional chemically or biologically driven solutions.

A strong emphasis on productization and standardization has enabled Indra to achieve industry-first improvements in manufacturing and operations thereby enabling quicker scale up and potential mass production of its water systems powered by smart software and firmware.

They were chosen as the winners of the Global Freshwater Challenge by the World Economic Forum and HCL Technologies at Davos 2023 and were also named to 2023 APAC Cleantech 25 list.