Powerhouse Dynamics

There’s a better way to manage your equipment, energy, and operations

Powerhouse Dynamics offerings, SiteSage and Open Kitchen, use the power of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to reduce costs, enhance operational efficiencies and deliver additional benefits to portfolios of commercial facilities. SiteSage and Open Kitchen connect, analyze, and control equipment to reduce energy and maintenance expenses with intuitive online and mobile interfaces that require minimal staff effort. Open Kitchen expands the power of our solution for Food Service and Food Retail organizations by directly connecting with kitchen equipment across all brands, enabling remote monitoring of kitchen operations along with remote recipe creation and distribution, and automating food safety processes and reporting. SiteSage and Open Kitchen are currently operational in thousands of restaurants, convenience stores, food retailers, retail stores, and more.

Acquired by Middleby.
Acquired by Middleby in 2019.